Areas Outside London At Risk Of Terrorist Attacks?

Areas Outside London At Risk Of Terrorist Attacks?

It’s possible that areas on the outskirts of London, such as Essex, could soon be targeted by terrorists because security measures in such places won’t be as tight.

This is the belief of former Metropolitan Police counter-terror officer David Videcette, who helped to investigate the London bombings. He has now suggested that terrorists could well be intending to exploit some of the more vulnerable parts of the UK, the Essex Chronicle reports.

“At events like the Notting Hill Carnival, there will be a huge police presence as always. There will be lots of specialist officers around that you do not see. But it is a very different story at some of the events that take place outside of London. Some of the smaller forces do not have the same resources and having to balance a budget means they have fewer officers,” he was quoted by the news source as saying.

Mr Videcette’s comments come after former Met Police commander Bob Broadhurst said that a terrorist attack in London is an inevitability, although no one knows when or where this will happen, or on what scale.

Given assertions such as these, it certainly makes sense for companies in the capital and elsewhere to take as many security precautions as they possibly can. If you haven’t yet had blast protection window film added to your windows, now would be the perfect time. The majority of injuries occur during bomb blasts because of flying glass, but this window film prevents this from happening.

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