New London Diamond Shop ‘Virtually Indestructible’

If you want to add an extra level of safety to your store front then you might be interested in window film to improve your security. Bomb blast window film is a must for shops with high value goods – just take this example of a new diamond store which has just opened in London.

It’s not just any diamond shop either, it’s one of the most luxurious diamond and jewellery boutiques in the world. And to protect its goods, Samer Halimeh New York has spent almost £10 million on making sure the store is completely secure and virtually indestructible according to Business Insider.

The outside of the store is created from reinforced concrete and steel creating an unbreakable barrier, alongside bullet proof glass windows and all products displayed behind reinforced glass and marble cabinets.

The bespoke cut jewels and diamonds range from £5,000 right into the millions many featuring some rare and precious stones all hand cut in New York. Further security vaults are located in the basement of the flagship store, with state of the art motion sensor alarms and camera and infrared.

The store has a list of high profile A-list clients as long as your arm, including Elton John, Naomi Campbell and royal families from around the world. For this high-flying clientele, there’s the chance to enjoy the luxury of a private VIP room to view custom pieces of jewellery with champagne or a cigar.

Not only does this store boast impressive security, it features beautiful interiors with the lighting system throughout designed by the same team behind the Olympic games and various luxury hotels around the globe.

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