London Greenwich Tube ‘Bomber’ Named

A man has been arrested for planting a bomb at London tube station North Greenwich.

Nineteen-year-old Damon Smith was Tasered in north London on Friday (October 21st), one day after the device was discovered at the underground station.

Police found a “viable improvised explosive device” on a tube at North Greenwich, close to the O2 Arena. A bomb squad arrived at the scene to investigate the package, and carried out a controlled explosion.

The suspect had moved to the capital recently, relocating from Devon to attend London Metropolitan University and enrolling as a student there three weeks ago.

On Saturday, police raided an address in Devon and found a second device at the back of a garage. However, they later confirmed this was “not viable” as an explosive.

Westminster Magistrates Court granted police a warrant for officers to continue questioning him, and they can detain him for up to 14 days in total.

Smith’s former best friend Vincent Jones, also 19, told The Sun: “He had a Koran and knew several phrases and he wore a black headscarf. Damon had replica guns and air rifles and even posted a video of himself shooting a replica Glock on YouTube.”

The weekend also saw another safety concern on London’s underground, with the Northern Line tweeting “No service between Kennington and Camden Town northbound via Bank due to a security alert” at 14:32 on Sunday. The line was re-opened half an hour later, although it is uncertain what security breach had occurred.

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