Florida Airplane Evacuated Due to Bomb Threat

A plane at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport was evacuated after a text message was overseen that was regarded as a possible bomb threat.

Passengers boarded the Spirit Airlines Flight 971 heading to Dallas-Fort Worth at around 19:30 on Sunday (October 30th) evening, but people were soon asked to leave the aircraft after someone reported seeing a text message that seemed to reference a bomb.

Before the evacuation, both the man who claimed to have seen the message and the passenger who was sending it were escorted off the plane.

The phone was taken, and they were both then interviewed by FBI agents while the rest of the aircraft was emptied and checked.

The flight was delayed between 20:15 and 02:34 the following day, when it finally took off, before arriving at its destination at 04:04 local time.

Despite the fright it gave fellow passengers, and the obvious security threat, safety was resumed in the plane and no arrests were made.

This comes after a bomb was found on a tube at North Greenwich last month. A bomb squad removed the “improvised explosive device” and carried out a controlled explosion away from any passengers.

The following day, 19-year-old Damon Smith was arrested regarding the incident.

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