11 People Dead In Turkey Bombings

At least 11 people have lost their lives and over 200 people have been injured in the latest series of bomb attacks to rock Turkey. One attack saw a military vehicle targeted by a roadside bomb, another saw a police station in Elazig targeted and a third saw a car bomb detonated near the border of Iran.

According to the Independent, the police station in Elazig had its walls and ceilings blown down by the blast, as well as shattering all the windows. Officers had to search for their friends and colleagues through debris following the attack, which left several buildings partly destroyed, overturned cars and left rubble all over the street.

The town’s governor, Murat Zorluoglu, stated that three police officers had been killed and 146 people wounded, with 14 left in a critical condition. It’s been suggested that Kurdish separatist groups are to blame for the attack on the station – such militants have carried out frequent attacks in the south-east of the country recently but Elazig has not seen much conflict until now.

Andrew Gardner, Turkey researcher for Amnesty International was quoted by the news source as saying: “Those responsible for these crimes show a contempt for the right to life and must be brought to justice.”

A temporary media blackout has been imposed by authorities in a bid to protect national security and public order, with media groups being asked to refrain from publishing or broadcasting anything that could cause panic or disorder.

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