Blastprotection window film

The threat of terrorist attacks has been prominent in the UK for many years and increasing public safety is the responsibility of all organisations. Increase safety with blast protection window film.

We offer a range of high-tensile blast protection window films and edge retention systems which reduce the impact of flying glass. Our MOD-approved films and tested & certified retention systems help to prevent glass from shattering by holding glass onto the film. This ultimately prevents unnecessary injury and death, whilst also minimising what could otherwise be extensive damage to your property.

Solartek blast mitigation window film is a major part of any disaster recovery plan.

Blast injuries are classified as primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. The most common cause of death is secondary blast injuries, inflicted by flying debris generated by the explosion.
ISRN Emergency Medicine

Easily retro-fitted to existing glazing, our window films provide immediate long-term blast protection. They can usually be applied during working hours with little, if any disruption.

As well as blast protection, the unique tear-resistant properties of our window films provide security and impact resistance during hurricanes, earthquakes and industrial explosions. They also offer enhanced protection from so-called ‘smash & grab’ crimes, and limit damage to your property in the event of an incident.

Our combined solar & blast mitigation films can prevent all of the above whilst considerably reduce your energy bills.

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