UK Airports On Terror Alert

Airports in the UK, as well as nuclear power plants around the country, were placed on terror alert earlier this month after evidence came to light suggesting that terrorist groups may have developed technology to get bombs through security checks without being detected.

In addition, there is a risk of cyber attack to nuclear power stations in the country, with the government warning that such facilities need to “remain resilient to evolving cyber threats”, the Telegraph reported.

The newspaper also revealed that US intelligence officials believe some terrorist groups, including Isil and Al Qaeda, may have got hold of airport screening equipment, which allowed them to experiment with methods for avoiding common checks.

A statement from the US Department of Homeland Security said that terror groups were continuing to target commercial aviation, which includes “smuggling explosive devices in electronics”.

Manny Gomez, a former FBI special agent, told the newspaper: “We had the shoe bomber, cartridge attempt, now this is the next level. We need to be several steps ahead of them.”

With recent terrorist attacks occurring in London and Stockholm, it seems businesses, governments and individuals in Europe need to be increasingly vigilant to the risk of an attack.

The London and Stockholm incidents involved an attacker using a vehicle to target pedestrians, in a similar way to the attacks carried out in Nice and Berlin last year.

Owners of commercial buildings may want to install  to provide blast protection or make the glass anti-shatter in the event that an incident occurs in their area.





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