UK Staff To Be Offered Terrorist Attack Training

Workers based in urban areas around the UK will soon be able to take advantage of a new self-delivery package devised by police security experts from counter terrorism awareness scheme Project Griffin, designed to show them what to do in the event of a major incident.

Sectors like travel, entertainment, hospitality and retail will be targeted by the new initiative, with specialist officers now briefing approximately 100,000 employees each year as part of Project Griffin, which launched in 2004. However, this new programme hopes to reach ten times the number of people.

“Police can help explain what the threats and risks to different sectors are but companies are better placed to explain to staff exactly what action they can take to enhance their security and how to respond if the worst happens,” Detective Chief Superintendent Scott Wilson said.

He went on to note that individual organisations do have their own protective security information like security equipment and safety procedures, as well as local knowledge that could keep people safe, which is why the self-briefing packages have been developed specifically for different sectors.

This certainly sounds like a very worthwhile initiative, particularly given what took place recently in both Paris and Brussels. Companies could also afford themselves extra levels of protection for their workers by investing in blast protection window film and similar products. These are installed over your windows in your building so that if a bomb, for example, does go off, the glass won’t shatter, automatically reducing the number of casualties.

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