Terrorist Attack In London Branded Inevitable

Business and homeowners in the capital might want to invest in blast protection window film and other such safety measures, as a former Met Police commander has said that a terrorist attack in London is an inevitability.

Speaking to the BBC, Bob Broadhurst – who helped keep the London streets safe during the 2012 Olympics – predicted that it will happen at some point in the future, although no one knows where, when or on what scale.

Scotland Yard, meanwhile, has said there is no intelligence as yet to suggest that a specific attack will take place in the capital, but it has urged members of the general public not to become complacent about the elevated threat level, which has become the norm in recent times.

Mr Broadhurst added that people should have faith in the city’s emergency services and be reassured that they have both the skills and resources to respond appropriately should an attack take place.

The police are now working to offer thousands of employees around the UK specific terrorist attack training so they know how to react in certain situations. Businesses would also do well to review their security measures so they know they’re as protected as they can be.

Anti shatter bomb blast window film is something that can make a real difference in events like a terrorist attack, since flying glass is responsible for 95 per cent of death, injury and damage in a bomb blast, according to NaCSTO, the government’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office. Installing this kind of window film would save lives and mean far fewer people sustain serious injuries, reducing the impact of the terrorist attack and proving to those responsible that you’re ready and you won’t be cowed.

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