New Isis Propaganda Video Targets London

Businesses in London (and indeed, other urban areas) would do well to invest in blast protection window film to help protect their premises and members of staff in case of a terrorist attack.

A new Isis video has just been released that calls for terror attacks to take place in London, Rome and Berlin, showing footage of the recent attacks in Brussels and Paris. The narrator goes on to say that such atrocities should be a cautionary tale to those countries fighting against IS, the Independent reports.

However, French expert on jihadism Gilles Kepel told the news source that the group’s propaganda message is no longer clear, with its “communication in crisis”, because their “indiscriminate attacks” have taken place in multicultural cities with Muslim populations including people that they’re now trying to recruit.

“But these actions have not brought Muslims together [behind Isis]. Far from it,” the expert was quoted as saying.

Cities all over the world will no doubt be on high alert, with authorities just waiting in the wings until something does happen – and it might be wise for businesses to take a similar stance, no matter where they are. A major cause of injury when a bomb goes off is flying glass, but by using window film you can help mitigate the risks of this.

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