Global Terrorist Attacks ‘Encouraging More Staycations’

Terrorist attacks around the world are having an impact on the tourism industry for many countries, with new research revealing that in the last 12 months British holidaymakers have been opting to head to destinations closer to home or places that they consider to be safer than the likes of Turkey, the Caribbean, Asia and the Americas.

ABTA’s latest study shows that city breaks are still the UK’s favourite type of holiday, with 53 per cent of people saying they’ve been on one in the last year and almost the same percentage saying they intend to go on one in the next 12 months.

Beach holidays appear to have fallen out of favour, dropping to 2014 levels after a good 2015. This is perhaps unsurprising given that Tunisia is basically shut off to UK tourists at the moment, certain resorts in the Western Med were stretched to capacity this summer and flight restrictions to Sharm have seen Egypt visitor numbers fall as well. However, it is perhaps important to note that 56 per cent of the UK population went on holiday abroad these last 12 months, up by two per cent on 2015.

ABTA chief executive Mark Tanzer said: “The travel industry provides a wide range of holiday destinations and holiday types, and people looking to try something new may find it helpful to

discuss their holiday plans with a travel professional who can advise them on options available.”

The Home Office website is a good portal to visit if you are planning a trip away and want to pick as safe a destination as possible. You can also find help and guidance for travellers to help

reduce your risk from terrorism while abroad.

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