Bomb Scare Forces Amsterdam Airport To Close

Part of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was forced to close for four hours due to a bomb threat.

A suspicious man was arrested at the travel hub on Tuesday April 12th at around 21:45, while another was caught at a major train station in Amsterdam.

The airport evacuated hundreds of people and cornered off areas of the airport while military looked for an explosive device after a call was made to the police with a reported threat.

A bomb disposal robot was used to scour the premises and find any dangerous items. However, after the Explosive Ordnance Disposal team, who are experienced with diffusing bombs, conducted a thorough search of the area and looked through the baggage of the suspect, the airport reopened and resumed normal operations.

Speaking to the Associated Press, military polipossible possible ce spokesman Alfred Ellwanger confirmed: “No dangerous materials were found.”

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was given the all-clear and flights ran as usual the following day.

While this incident ended safely, big commercial buildings that experience a high volume of people traffic need to make sure they offer the greatest level of protection against bomb threats.

As well as conducting thorough bomb searches, they should install blast protection window film. This way, if an explosive was released, it would limit the amount of damage to the building, and subsequently, reduce injury to those inside.

This comes less than a month after bombs at Zaventem Airport and Maelbeek Metro station in Belgium were detonated, killing 34 people and injuring 170 in total. Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the suicide bombs.

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