Bomb Kills 16 People In Pakistan

A bomb that was detonated on a bus in Peshawar, north-western Pakistan, has killed 16 people so far.

It is thought around 30 more are injured and eight are in critical condition, with 50 or so government employees among the passengers on the vehicle.

While no responsibility has been claimed yet, many are pointing the finger at the Pakistani Taliban, which often targets the area for their attacks.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif publicised a statement on Radio Pakistan, which is run by the state, to say: “Such cowardly acts could not deter our resolve to weed out terrorism from the country.”

Indeed, Pakistani military has intensified in the area lately in an attempt to force out the Taliban and other terrorist groups that are on the border with Afghanistan.

While the number of attacks has dropped in the last two years, as a result of the government’s long-term campaign against military organisations, acts like this still occasionally occur.

Those living and working in Peshawar therefore can protect themselves against a bomb attack with blast protection window film. When the glass shatters, it holds on to the film preventing it from flying everywhere and causing further injury to those nearby.

The area is well-known for being a target and, in 2013, 19 people were killed by a suicide bomber on a bus, while 2014 saw the death of more than 150 people at an army-run school. Most of the fatalities were children.

A year after this attack, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan Philip Barton, said: “The United Kingdom stands shoulder to shoulder with Pakistan as it tackles this scourge.”

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