Air Strikes Hit Syria After Truce Is Announced

Bombs have showered several rebel-held areas of war-torn Syria, despite a truce being called between the USA and Russia.

Up to 60 people were killed in Idlib on Saturday (September 10th), while a further 45 died in Anadan and Hreitan in the province of Aleppo. As many as 90 people were injured as well, showing just how severe the five-year war has become.

This comes after a ten-day truce was announced, which will begin on Monday.

Many people, including the European Union (EU), Turkey and Syria’s opposition groups, have welcomed the ceasefire.

However, BBC Middle East’s editor Jeremy Bowen said there is still scepticism about the success of the truce.

“A week-long ceasefire might be possible, but a political deal to end the war is out of sight,” he stated.

The civil unrest in Syria began as an uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, but Mr Bowen explained that Assad now depends on its ally Russia. However, with such a huge force supporting him now, “the Assad regime is looking more robust”.

More than quarter of a million people have died so far during the war. In addition to this, the county has lost most of its citizens as millions have escaped overseas, and have sought asylum in the EU in particular.

Despite this, 18 million people remain in the ruined nation and many continue to fight.

If the ceasefire is maintained, the US has agreed to partner with Russia and launch air strikes on Islamic State (ISIS) militants.

Over the last year, ISIS has targeted many areas of Europe with its bomb attacks, bringing the Middle Eastern war closer to home for many Brits.

For those fearful of an explosion in the UK, installing blast protection window film is a good idea, as this reduces the impact of a bomb on buildings and civilians.

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