Police Deployed In London To Disrupt Terrorist Activity

Specialist police officers have just been deployed in certain boroughs in London to help disrupt any potential terrorist activity and other crimes. The Met were keen to stress, however, that the tactic – known as Project Servator – hasn’t been rolled out in response to specific threats and will be introduced across the city in the coming months.

So far, the officers will only be present in Wandsworth and Lambeth, with both highly visible and covert policemen to be found in busy areas. Plain clothes police will join uniformed patrols to spot tell-tale signs that someone may be engaging in criminal activity or carrying out hostile reconnaissance.

Part of their job will be to encourage people in the boroughs to be additional eyes and ears, and to report anything suspicious to the police or by calling 101 and 999 (the latter only in an emergency, however).

“Defeating terrorism and criminality is a joint effort and that’s why I am asking everyone who lives in or visits Wandsworth to get involved in keeping our borough safe. If you see something suspicious, report it. If you see police officers, take a moment to talk with them and find out how you can play you part,” Chief Superintendent Richard Smith said.

A counter terrorism police training exercise was also held at the end of last month (November 28th) in Canary Wharf, one of many that are put on regularly across the country. Again, this was not in response to any specific threat and local businesses and partners were briefed on what was taking place.

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