French Teachers Given Terrorist Attack Emergency Bracelets

Teachers working in 74 primary schools and nurseries in Aix-en-Provence in southern France have been given new emergency bracelets worn on the wrist or around the neck that they can use to alert police about security threats in their workplaces.

The bracelets come with a big button that sound an alarm at the local police station and in the school if pressed, with the aim being to shorten response times during a terrorist attack, the Daily Telegraph reports.

In all, four other towns have expressed an interest in investing in these alarm systems, with 800 bracelets handed out in just one week at a cost of £160,000, according to a report in L’Express newspaper.

Rene Schaller, who is responsible for education at Aix town hall, said that she expected parents to welcome this new security measure, saying: “You can feel the psychosis in the letters I get from parents asking me to build walls in front of the schools or to deploy police in front of each building.”

This comes after Manuel Valls, French prime minister, stated that about 15,000 people are now being monitored by the French authorities as the country tackles jihadist militants, with terror plots foiled on a daily basis. Earlier this month, for example, a 15-year-old boy was arrested in Paris after having been in touch with a member of Islamic State.

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