34 Killed In Belgium Bomb Attacks

At least 34 people have been killed in a bomb attack at Brussels airport this morning and another incident on the metro system in Belgium approximately an hour later.

It’s thought that 20 people lost their lives on the metro at Maelbeek station near the EU quarter in the city, while 14 died at Zaventem Airport, Metro reports.

Approximately 170 people were also injured in the incidents. It’s been confirmed that the attack that took place at the airport targeted an American Airlines desk, most likely carried out by a suicide bomber. Reports have been incoming that shouts in Arabic were heard during the attack, while two Kalashnikovs were discovered in the airport departure lounge.

Consequently, all flights have been cancelled, the metro system has been closed, telephone networks are struggling to handle the volume of calls and security checks on the border between France and Belgium have been tightened.

According to Reuters, Islamic State (IS) has since claimed responsibility for the attack. It comes four days after police in Brussels captured the main suspect in IS’s attacks on Paris that took place late last year.

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