3M window film

Solartek offer a supply and installation service for the full range of 3M window film products.

Selecting 3M products provides you with peace of mind, as they only use the highest quality materials in addition to having a trusted company that will stand behinds its warranties. No one has more experience with window films than 3M. In 1996 they received the first patent for window film and for decades have remained the world leader in the development of new and innovative adhesive films.

3M™ Prestige Window Films

With 3M™ Prestige Window Films, you can enjoy the benefits of a world-class window film while leaving the beauty of your windows virtually unchanged. Because 3M™ Prestige Window Films use no metals, they are not susceptible to corrosion in coastal environments and do not interfere with mobile phone reception. Other window films that reject heat tend have high reflectivity, but not Prestige – Prestige Window Films offer reflectivity that is actually lower than glass. A final key technical feature of the Prestige line of products is that they were designed to perform best when the sun is high, at the hottest parts of the day so, when the sun is working hardest, our films are performing their best.

3M™ Night Vision Window Films

With 3M™ Night Vision Window Films, you get the exceptional performance of a reflective film while still being able to look through the film at night. Traditional metalized films reflect equally both inside and outside, becoming mirror-like at night. The Night Vision line reflects more to the outside, where you need it, and less to the inside, where you do no need it. Our high technology, carbon impregnated polyester layer provides outstanding heat rejection performance as well and gives the film a warm bronze appearance.

3M™ Sun Control Films

These products normally have a thin adhesive for optimum clarity, and a micro layer of metal evenly coated on the film to reflect the infrared solar radiation. Their main task is to help reduce the amount of heat coming into a building through the windows. They help reduce glare, UV damage, can improve aesthetics of the building, and offer different levels of privacy depending on the product chosen.

3M™ Plus Low Emissivity Films

Very similar to the sun control films in rejecting incoming solar radiation, but they have a unique patented construction that allows them to reflect man-made heat back into the room. Helps reduce the amount of heat loss through windows in areas that require heating systems. These products work for you 24 hours a day in cooler climates and on all sides of the building, even the sides that do not get incoming solar radiation.

3M™ Ultra Safety and Security Films

A patented micro-layer film with superior strength adhesive system. These products are designed to hold broken glass onto the film thus reducing the possibility of injury or damage caused by flying glass shards. Because of the unique tear resistant properties of our micro-layer film it also provides security and impact resistance for TERRORIST BOMBINGS, HURRICANES, SMASH & GRAB CRIMES, EARTHQUAKES, INDUSTRIAL EXPLOSIONS. Some versions of these films also provide sun control features.

3M™ SCOTCHGARD™ Anti-Graffiti Films

Graffiti artists are changing their techniques to create their “works of art.” In place of using only spray paints and markers to deface glass and other smooth surfaces, vandals are also using glass-etching solutions and tungsten carbide styluses for scratching and defacing your property. Scotchgard™ will resist these and other types of graffiti while protecting your property. Once applied the film will also provide protection from flying glass by holding the glass together.

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